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A Starter Skin-Care Routine To Treat Eczema

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A Starter Skin-Care Routine To Treat Eczema

Follow the right skin-care routine to treat eczema with Shea-Life effectively!

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Your skin is one of the most crucial aspects of your body. It acts as a shield and guards you against possible diseases. It is your responsibility to look after your skin and keep it rejuvenated— failing to lead to severe infections. 

Eczema is yet another prominent condition when your skin tends to get reddish and itchy while being dry. It impacts your skin barrier function that makes it more prone to infections.

 It is vital to follow an efficient eczema skincare routine that helps you keep your skin fresh. Shea-Life offers you excellent body butters that assist you in combatting the issue with ease. Here’s a starter skincare routine to treat eczema while keeping your skin hydrated:


Shower with water sprinkling

Opting for lukewarm water

You are advised to have lukewarm water that is not so hot to fight eczema successfully. Alternatively, you can also add certain oils in your water when you bathe. This helps in reducing the severity of your skin.



Dabbing your arms with a towel

Dab vs drying your skin

While following an intensive eczema skincare regime, it is essential to keep your skin moist all the time. You must dab your skin instead of drying as moisture soothes the affected areas.



Container of body butter

Using unscented body butters

Eczema can often hurt your skin, leaving a sensation of itchiness and discomfort. Unscented body butters help smooth your skin and heal the internal burning. 

Shea-Life provides you with high-quality shea butter and goat milk soaps that relieve you from the pain. Some essential oils, including lavender or tea tree, also prove to be effective in treating eczema.


Shea butter container alongside the bed

Moisturize your skin overnight

You must lather your skin with high-quality shea butter and other oils to keep yourself moisturized throughout the night. This can effectively help in lessening the pain and can be impactful in your eczema skincare.


Shea butters and milk soaps can have a significant effect on your skin. It is essential for you to keep up with a focused skincare routine in order to fight eczema and win over it!

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